Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Last week we had a visit from the “Keep Australia Beautiful” council and we learnt all about our rubbish and the wide world of waste!


We found out about

  • landfill
  • bacteria
  • chemicals
  • bottles, glass, jars
  • plastics
  • recyclables
  • contamination
  • toxic
  • dangers
  • marine life
  • pollution
  • garbage

and our responsibilities towards our waste and rubbish.

There were lots of interesting things to think about – leave a comment on something YOU will do as a result of taking responsibility for your waste and rubbish  :D     :???:

Go on ….. leave a comment ……..


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13 thoughts on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Hi,
    Well there are a lot of things that I will do to reycle more.
    Here are some of the things I will do:
    I will:
    -check before putting anything in the garbage
    -I won’t put any medicine of harmful things like oil in the bin
    -I’ll try not to throw any of my rubbish on the ground and if I see rubbish I will pick it up and put it in the bin.
    -I willl try to persuade some people to not throw their rubbish on the floor because things like plastic bags are harmful to the marine life.

    I learnt:
    That there were 7 types of plastic and I did not know that some cars are made from reycled aluminium.

    I hope that their will be no rubbish problems in the future!!!

  2. Hi Im Impresed how your class does. I have a feeling that your class is the best.Im from Taree.I hope that you are going to be the best class in NSW. Thank you if you have read my comments. Thank you.

  3. Hi everyone,
    This is a list of things that I will do to recycle more.
    1. I will convice people to recycle more.
    2. I will be careful of what im putting in the bin,incase it’s something dangerous like ( oil,medicine bottles or things like that.)
    3.I will not throw any rubbish on the ground
    4. I will also convince people to get the material shopping bags instead of plastic bags beacuase when people throw their rubbish and thier plasticbags on the floor the wind blows them down the drain and then they end up in the ocean, when they end up in the ocean not only do they pollute it but the also kill the marine life.

    In that session I learnt that there are 7 types of plastics and that the one with the number 1 with a circle around it is the easiest to recycle. The one with the number 7 and as a circle around it is the hardest to recycle.

    Bye for now but not forever :D :P :mrgreen: :oops:

  4. Hi Miss pericles!!
    I will definitely do everything possible to take care of our environment! I was so ashamed to actually see how much animals we are killing these days!! And they are even saying that the Great Barrier Reef might be black in a couple of years if this doesn’t stop. Shocking! :cry:
    I will definitely:
    -check before putting anything in the garbage
    -I won’t put any medicine of harmful things like oil in the bin
    -I’ll try not to throw any of my rubbish on the ground and if I see rubbish I will pick it up and put it in the bin.
    -I will try to persuade some people to not throw their rubbish on the floor because things like plastic bags are harmful to the marine life
    Exactly like Momtahina. And i also agree with Sokeina.
    I will teach people all about that and make the “Keep Australia Beautiful” council proud!
    It has taught me so much! I never knew all that about plastic and I’m hoping to improve my behaviour when it comes to garbage.
    I say a million thanks to the “Keep Australia council” because without them, i would have never learned all that!!
    ;) :P
    Keep Australia nice and clean everyone! And take care!!

  5. Hello!

    Below is a list of things I will do which will help the environment:

    1# Not litter
    2# Tell everyone not to litter
    3# Reuse and recycle everything I can
    4# I will only put things I am allowed to recycle in the recycling bin
    5# Not to waste things you can recycle, just reuse them.

    The Waste Watchers session was really interesting. I learnt a lot although I knew a lot already (I’m not boasting!)!



  6. Nancy

    Hm.. whats the difference between re-using and recyling? <- I’m just a bit curious~~
    I’ll just re-use stuff before recycling…
    I can’t wait ’till your next post ^.~

  7. Hi mrs p:D
    i think that our class should do more on the enviroment.
    I will make the enviroment clean by:
    -no more littering
    -making sure i put it in the right bin
    -reuse, recycle everything i can
    -if i see anything i will put it in the bin
    -i will tell everyone not to litter
    from lilly

  8. Hi,
    The things I’m going to do are. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    1. Use the class recycling bin
    2. Chuck my rubbish in the bin
    3. Pick up more rubbish
    4. Convince others to recycle, re-use and reduce their rubbish
    5. Reduce the amount of rubbish I throw away
    I hope I can join the school green team. I’m so happy that now the school will be clean and tidy. The Waste Watchers were really interesting and I learnt quite alot. I hope that now the things we learn will be put into action. Did you know that 95% of the animals on earth at the beginning of time are extincted. :cool:
    I wonder how heavy the rubbish we will collect on “Clean Up Australia Day” will be. :???:

    Naomi :mrgreen:

  9. Hello,
    There’s no doubt that pollution has a great affect on the environment and has to be reduced or else first the animal kingdom will fall and once they’re gone then there will be no more hope for the human race and we will get extinct. (
    Everyone has an important role to play in saving the environment and here are some of the things that not only I can do but that other people can also do…

    •DO NOT litter, put rubbish in the bin
    •Reduce Reuse Recycle
    •Make a worm farm
    •Reduce your carbon footprint (carbon emissions that you emit)
    •Encourage others to do the same (of the above)

    So please,
    Unless you want animals to suffer and for our planet to wither and die (which I hope you don’t!) then take care of our environment and keep Mother Earth shining! :mrgreen:

    Ramiz :cool:

  10. I was really interested to read about your work on making Australia, and thereby the world a greener place.

    You might like to know that here at All Saints Primary in Otley, on the opposite side of the globe, we are also trying to reduce our footprints and live our lives in a more sustainable way!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. @Mrs Allison. Thanks for your comment, everyone around the world will have to work together to make a difference! We are happy that so many people from countries everywhere are doing their part too – we are proud to try and make a small difference.

  12. hey there guys. AKA US!
    its me Ben rofl xD!…. i love our environment though some people are chucking things on the floor which is bad!… i think we should do something about that dont you think? if you dont then too bad lol….. aniwayz enough talk ima go now tCs! nd tata!

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