Moshi Monsters Just Hanging Around


Classes at our school have been using Moshi Monsters each morning to build class and school community ties. Each class has their own monster, and spend part of each day solving puzzles and testing our general knowledge to win rox for our Moshi Monster. We use the rox to buy food and belongings for our Moshi Monster.

We have also been using  Moshi Island to explore settings in narratives. The island has many places that would make fantastic settings for exciting stories. There is the volcano, the port, the haunted house, the snowy mountains and the swamp.

In small groups, we mind mapped our ideas for characters and problems that would appropriate for each of these settings:



We also had fun dsigning and making our own huge Moshi Monsters to decorate our classroom – here they are hanging in our room. What do you think of them???





Which Monsters do you like the best – the friendly ones or the scary ones?

5 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters Just Hanging Around

  1. sokeina

    Hi Allstars,
    I would have to say that the friendly monsters look much better. I really like your monsters. They have been a great success because my sister who is now in universitie had to do a project and she had to make 110 different ideas of activities that she could do for children from the age 1-6 for she is studying childcare. When she saw the monsters you made she thought that it would be great to do something like that iin arts and craft with the 5-6 year olds. So she would like to thank you for having a great influence in her procedure!
    Tooooooooooooooooooodles 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment Sokeina and we are glad that we gave your sister a good idea. You know that we get our ideas from others too – everyone learning and sharing as they go 🙂

  3. ykhfs


    This is ykhfs. I have my own blog to if you want to look at it. Your childrens artwork is really good. It’s way better than mine. I wish they could teach me how to do it.


  4. nafiz27me

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