I Used to Think ….. But Now I Think ……


As we come to the end of our unit we are starting to think about and reflect on some of the things we have found out during our investigations.

We have put together this slide show of our thoughts so far …..

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “I Used to Think ….. But Now I Think ……

  1. Hi allstars!
    Irina at home here AGAIN!!!!
    Anyway I love this allstar blog sooooo much that i’ve seen it nearly every day!
    Keep up the gret work guys, see you on Monday (PS is Sunday right now).

    ;-D PSS look sideways.

  2. patrique

    That was the first project that i have done in s3p and i really enjoyed making it with Celia my new friend.
    Thanks so much for making the new kids feel at home!!

  3. We are really glad to have all the new kids in our class – there are new friends to make, new ideas to share and more people to listen to. Thanks for being in our class – you’re an AllStar too now Patrique 😀

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