Strange …… but true …..


strange pea pod

First day back after the holidays and we were sharing what we had done over the last 2 weeks – “nothing very unusual in that”  – I hear you say ……..

but wait till you read some of the really unusual things the AllStars got up to!

I’ll call this our “Strange …. but true…….” file ……. 

Who woke up at 10.00am 5 days straight?

Who thought someone had thrown a stick at her only to find out it was a HUGE blob of ……. bird poo!?!?!?

Who spent 3 days in her pyjamas???

Who was at the zoo and had her hair nibbled by a giraffe??? (mmm ………  tasty 🙂 )

Who learnt how to eat chips with chopsticks?  (Clever)

Who opened all the kitchen cupboards with his feet?? (I’m glad that you know you can do this! – Must try it myself)

Who had dinner in a hotel and saw a cake in the shape of a pram??

Who else had dinner in the city and ate chicken …….. FEET !!!! ?????

Who was the couch potato who watched the World Cup on the couch, in her pjs, for 3 days???

Who ate rice every day for 3 days?

Who was it that went to the corner shop in their pyjamas????

Who drank water, then was whacked in the stomach and the water came out his nostrils?????

Who ate sushi every day??

And who kicked the door and broke their toe???

I promise I won’t tell who you are – but you are all very unusual  :-0

What a happy way to start the term – looking forward to many more happy days AllStars!

Image: ‘Strange Things Are Happening These Days!

5 thoughts on “Strange …… but true …..

  1. Alice

    Hi i’m Alice from Pam Thompson’s class,
    Wow your class did some strange things over the holidays. My favorite strange but true would be the girl who had her hair nibbled by a giraffe. Thats was funny.

  2. Hi, I’m from Pam Thompsons class.

    Wow! All of those things were REALLY unusual.

    I spent 2 weeks in the same clothes!

    See ya, Millie

  3. Hi Allstars! I am also from Pam Thompson’s class.

    Those are very funny but unusual things guys! I like the one who kicked the door and broke their toe. Did it hurt?

    I went for 3 days in my PJ’s and wore the same socks non-stop for a week (apart from showers but put them straight back on)! They really smelt afterwards.
    Have a good term 3! Rachster 😀 😉 😀

  4. Hi Alice, Millie and Rachster,
    It seems that there must be lots of smelly kids in Australia during the school holidays! Hope you’ve all had a shower and clean clothes since then 😀
    Thanks for your comments – what did you get up to in the holidays?
    Rachster – yes it did hurt when I broke my toe!!!


  5. Hi Allstars,

    I’m another one from Pam Thomson’s class too!

    I like all the interesting things you did over the holidays! Some of those are very different!!

    Have a great Term 3!!


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