We Love Our Mums


This Sunday Australians celebrate Mother’s Day so this afternoon in Golden Time some of us decided to make our Mum a special card. There were lots of great ideas and every card we made was totally unique – just like our individual Mums 🙂

What a great afternoon!

Creative kids + creative ideas = special cards.

Give you Mum a hug this Sunday.

10 thoughts on “We Love Our Mums

  1. hussain

    Hi guys

    I like what you guys do in class. I hope all the year 6’s have a great year in year 7 it is so hard. The work we do is so hard – good luck in naplan

  2. hussain

    Hi guys

    I like your mother’s day cards. I like Ali, Ebaa, Shaima, Yasman, Lizzie, Ana, Evan, Tony and Hinok’s cards.
    and the other’s cards too
    bye :]

    Hassan :]

  3. Well,I’m not really finished, plus I already bought a card at the mother’s day stall.Where did u get those stuff??? 🙄

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