Book Week Buddies


What a special morning!

We all spent the morning reading with some younger chilfdren – and just look at us – it was fun!

We all remembered how great it was when we were little to have someone read to you, or tell you a story. So now it was our turn to be the reader today.

The big kids tried hard to make the smaller kids feel welcomed, safe and at ease. It was easy to tell when the shyness was wearing off, because people started talking to each other and sharing ideas and thoughts.

As a reminder of the morning we made masks together and watched a movie that Mrs Knight made. The movie was called “Book Week Buddies” can you guess what it was about????

Book Week Buddies on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “Book Week Buddies

  1. Hi Allstars 
    I am trying to have a guess but I am not sure if it is right I think the book week buddies is about our book week last week or about friends

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