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Stage 2 and 3 Jade will be making book trailers this term.

To help us think about what we are wanting to produce I found this Prezi about Storyboarding.

Please watch it so that we can make the best Book Trailers ever!

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What’s the Fuss About Smoking?

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Watch this anti-smoking video:


How effective do you think it is?

Why is it effective?

Any other comments?


This episode of Behind the News looks at smoking and the ways in which governments make laws to protect people.

Smoking Danger:

What do you think about smoking?

Should governments ban smoking?

What evidence do you have to support your views?


Look carefully at this KIDS FACT SHEET for important information about smoking.

Safety On and Near Roads

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Here are some links for Stage 3 to use as they explore the issues around Road Safety and Schools.

Use these sites to get a “big picture” view of real world statistics and information from these government websites.

What you find out from these sites will help you come up with answers for the next part of our explorartion!

Pedestrians and Safety

World Health Organization – Road Traffic Injuries

World Health Organization – Infographic

World Health Organization – Child Injury Prevention

Did you find any shocking, worrying, or surprising information? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Digital Citizen Project

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We are well on the way in our Digital Citizen Project this week. All groups are busy planning exactly what they will use in their presentations.

Now …

it gets CREATIVE!

Each group is making sure that their project is attention grabbing, different and special.

Some groups are using photos, animations, movies, stories, cartoons and puppets to make their plan interesting and applicable to the age group who will be their audience.

Great work – keep on thinking :-)

Any questions that need clearing up? Ask them in the comments section below. 

International Dot Day

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We all went dotty in the Library – for International Dot Day.

First we read the book “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds and we talked about making our mark and being the best we can be.

Then we made some wonderful dots of our own =)

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Poetry Project

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glitter logo -

Well Stage 3 people, it’s time to get moving on your “Poetry Project”.

To help you along, with videos, suggestions, links etc I have set up an Edmodo account that I would like you to join.

Edmodo is a safe, online learning space – you will have to get the joining code from me – and then you can join up and have access to lots of resources and help as you need it.

Click on this Edmodo image for the link to the Edmodo sign in page ……

Solar Energy

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Stage 3 students spent a morning in the sun racing their solar powered cars last week.

The cars were constructed during sessions with Ms Dongas and provided some very practical and hands on learning about energy. As you can see from the photos everyone was focussed on making their car move!

The Premier’s Reading Challenge

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After a late start and some technical issues, we are finally registered for the 2012 Premier’s Reading Challenge. This is not a competition but the chance for your child to challenge themselves to read a number of exciting and interesting books.

Students choose a minimum number of books to read from the appropriate PRC list and five of their own personal choice books, which are recorded as read on the Child’s Personal Reading Log.

To experience a book, a child can listen to the book, participate in shared reading or read part or all of the book independently.

Students in each grade have to meet the following reading goals:


Number of books needed to complete the Challenge

Minimum number of PRC books for your Challenge

Maximum number of personal choice books

PRC booklist selection





K-2 , 3-4 , 5-6 , 7-9




3-4 , 5-6 , 7-9




5-6 , 7-9


I would encourage all students to participate in this wonderful learning experience, as we will be working as a team to achieve their reading goals!

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me in the Library.

Thanks – MrsP

Stage 2 are Entymologists

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Stage 2 have also been learning in the Veggie Patch this term. They have been conducting science experiments using plants, learning about pollination and classifying bugs.

Each week a new group of students works in the Library to investigate how entymologists group bugs. We found out

  • that living things are grouped into species, and that each species have characteristics special to just their own group.
  •  that a lot of bugs are arthropods which means they have legs with lots of joints.
  • Insects have 6 legs, three body parts and usually have wings.

We had fun collecting bugs from the veggie patch and observing them to see if we could work out if they were an insect or not. We tried to draw scientific drawings of our creatures. Here are some for you to enjoy ….

Quad Blogging Across the World

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We are taking part in Quadblogging for the very first time :-)

Quadblogging is when four schools each comment on the other’s blog every week. Our Week 1 school is Positively Pulaski class in Wisconsin, USA.

We are looking forward to visiting blogs and leaving comments at “Positively Pulaski” this week :-D

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Our cool image of the Southern Cross is from here: Thank you :-)