Playground Designers


Stage 2 have been investigating our built environment here at school – specifically our playground areas. They decided that our playground needed an upgrade and so went about deciding how they could change their environment so that it better suited the needs of the students at our school.

First they looked at the playground areas (Areas 6 & 7) and made a list of the things that these areas had, and the things that were missing (but necessary).

Next the students surveyed the rest of the school to find out the types of activities and structures that students of all ages would like to see in a school playground. The Stage 2 students then graphed the responses and were able to reach some conclusions about the types of activities that were popular across the school.

After that was the really fun bit – students worked in groups to design a playground area that incorporated the ideas that the rest of the school wanted. They could add anything they liked, as long as it fit the purposes of safety and need. The groups then used lots of recycled boxes and containers to bring their designs to life! Lots of glueing and taping and creating structures and play equipment!

Lastly students needed to present their model and ideas to the rest of the grade and then everyone would vote on the playground design that they liked the best. Groups had to write persuasive speeches to urge and influence the students and parents and teachers that their playground ideas were the best.

Congratulations to the winning team and their bid – Abdullah, Jessica, Nadia, Hennessey, Andrew and Adam from S2Magnolia.

Please have a look at the wonderful playgrounds designed by our students.

IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1089



Stage 2 Speeches


Stage 2 students have been busy all term with public speaking and writing interesting speeches. They have been learning about eye contact, stance, clarity, engaging introductions and using expression when speaking.

They have had lots of time to get better and better at speaking in front of their friends, their group and their class; but today they had to speak in front of the whole stage! It was very exciting but very nerve wracking as well 🙂

Everyone gathered in the Library to hear the finalists speak on a number of interesting topics – including re-cycling, aliens, and being able to talk to animals!

The speakers were terrific – they used eye contact, spoke clearly and had funny and interesting things to talk about. Congratulations to the winners – Selafina, Abdullah and Solomone.

IMG_4534 IMG_4537

What Are You Wondering?


The world is an interesting place and this website has so many interesting things to find out about.

Have a look at some of the pages on the Wonderopolis site and start thinking about something that gets your wondering!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.23.10 pm


Leave a comment to let us know what you are wondering 🙂


The Lorax


Many students in S23Jade have been thinking and talking about the environmental issues raised in the Dr Seuss story “The Lorax”.

They have discussed, acted out and spoken at a town meeting using the different perspectives of the creatures involved in the story.

As a “wrap up” activity students were asked to design a Thneed Factory that was more environmentally positive and sustainable than the one in the story. They were asked to consider the energy used, the pollution released and the effect on the living creatures around the factory, the noise and the transportation of the finished Thneeds around the country.

There were many fantastic ideas and suggestions made by the students – please look at the following pictures of parts of their work.


What do you think? What would you do to improve the environment at the Thneed Factory? Leave a comment below.

Playing With Skitch


Yee- Ha!

We finally got to use our iPads in the Library today 🙂

We had a play with the “Skitch” app – which allows you to add words and drawings onto photos.

First we listened to the story “The Little Red Hen” and discussed the characters and the words and actions that helped us work out the personalities of each of the characters. Then we had to choose a character and think of some other words we could use to describe the character and their actions.

Next we got to use the iPads to show what we thought! We had to take a photo of the character and add the words we had come up with to describe the character. We had to take turns using the iPad, make suggestions, share the thinking and make sure that each person contributed equally to the task.

Here are some photos of us working together – as you can see we are loving this  🙂

We will share our creations very soon!


Stage 2 are Entymologists


Stage 2 have also been learning in the Veggie Patch this term. They have been conducting science experiments using plants, learning about pollination and classifying bugs.

Each week a new group of students works in the Library to investigate how entymologists group bugs. We found out

  • that living things are grouped into species, and that each species have characteristics special to just their own group.
  •  that a lot of bugs are arthropods which means they have legs with lots of joints.
  • Insects have 6 legs, three body parts and usually have wings.

We had fun collecting bugs from the veggie patch and observing them to see if we could work out if they were an insect or not. We tried to draw scientific drawings of our creatures. Here are some for you to enjoy ….