Punctuation Pandemonium!


This term we have been working on our writing using VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers, punctuation). After a few setbacks, this week the personal whiteboards finally arrived and we were able to use them to play some fun punctuation games.

We all loved writing our answers on our whiteboards and sharing them with the other students. No-one really wanted to stop for Assembly, and Fonzy was jealous that she missed out on using them  🙁   (Poor Fonzy – you will get a turn soon!)

Who knew that learning punctuation could be this much fun?



3 Baz have just started a writing program called VCOP:

V = vocabulary

C = connectives

O = openers

P = punctuation.


Everyday we learn and practise a different skill in one of the VCOP areas. We have been using highlighters to highlight exciting examples of vocabulary, punctuation, openers and connectives in lots of different texts.

This helps us to see what professional writers do and the types of words they use to engage us in reading and to put pictures in our heads.


We have new writing folders which contain our writing goals and examples of our writing. We work out our goals from the writing we do. We are trying to get to our next level – which is a challenge to us to keep improving our writing. Each of us has individual goals that we are working on.


We all have a writing partner; we work together and encourage each other. We share ideas, read our work and give each other tips to improve. It really helps having a partner give you feedback because “two heads are better than one” and you get more ideas and suggestions on how to make your writing tighter.


So far we are enjoying thinking about our writing, talking about what we know and trying to stretch our brains to become the best writers we can be!


We can’t wait to find out what we will be doing next week in our VCOP lessons ……….

Irina Lizzie Mahrukh