Australian Stories


This term we are studying Australian history – events that shaped Australia.

We have been reading all sorts of amazing stories about famous Australians, infamous Australians, times that were hard, funny times, sad times, interesting points of view and some things that just make us shake our heads and think “WHY?”

We will be writing stories about these events, at the moment we are still researching and sorting through all of the information. Next we will work on the presentation of our stories and then we will post our stories for everyone to read.

Our friends at Carronshore, in Scotland, are studying Australia, and have started a great wiki on the topic. They have asked us to share our work with them on their wiki. So ……. the stakes are high – we will be working “flat out” to have our stories and presentations up and ready for all to see really soon!   😮


(We are even now – we’ve stolen your photo!!!)   🙂

6 thoughts on “Australian Stories

  1. Connor

    Hi 07 Allstars,

    Connor here, you might remember me visiting you a while ago to check out your blogging class. Just dropping a line to say hi and to also thank you for letting me sit in your class. I’m not sure if you knew why I was there, but I had to do an assignment for university where I observed how computer technology is used in a school lesson. In your case the Allstars blog. Well I got my assignment back from my teacher and scored a really good mark! Was very happy. So thanks for having such a good blog for me to do my assignment on.

    I see you have been covering lots of interesting topics. Learning about Australian history will be good and the PWii looks really cool. Would love to have a go of it sometime.

    By for now. :]

  2. Hello Connor,
    We are all really glad that you scored well on your assignment. You will have to come back and have a turn with us on the wii. Hopefully we will all be really good at it and will beat you !!

    Sorry about that ……

    Australian history is quite fun – we are working on some stories, so come back to read what we have written.

  3. You’re welcome! We do it all the time to each other here at Carronshore. Did you know you can even steal Bubbleshare presentations just by copy and paste method? …. Marc was first to do that to me!

    Isn’t it strange that Kayleigh is now in Austalia!

    We have 9 Australian Headteachers coming to visit our school next Thursday .. they’re going to hear all about our blogs!! Hopefully we’ll have a chance to interview them and put it on the class blog !!!!

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