We have finally started our “PWii” lessons. We call them PWii (rather than PE – physical education) because we are using the Wii to play tennis.

                                              Sandy Tennis 2

Each group of students has written up a lesson on a tennis skill, and they teach the rest of the class how to do the skill. We play outside using a wide range of bats and racquets to learn the skills we need to play inside on the Wii.

Tennis skills 1           Tennis skills 2        Tennis skills 3

Each pair plays the Wii in the classroom, and we choose the “best of 3 games” option. When everyone has had a turn we will each play other students and have a “Round Robin” tournament.

                              Playing Wii         Playing Wii 2  

We hope to put together either a wiki of our work or at least a page to show you what we’ve been up to  🙂

                                                     You win     

17 thoughts on “PWii

  1. That’s great!
    Some of our p7 pupils visited Ardeonaig for a long weekend. Some of us stayed behind. On Friday and Monday, the pupils who stayed behind played on Marc’s ‘wee’ …. but I now think that this was actually a ‘Wii’!

    Can we join in with your wiki experiment?

    Now the pressure is on us!!

  2. Nancy

    That was really fun!! I never knew that I can EVER play tennis at all!!! When can we get the Wii out again??

  3. Hi Carronshore!
    Actually, the wii, isn’t actually “wii”. It’s a game, sporty games altogether. Well, cool guys,i never knew that you could play the wii in your country! Cool!!!
    Did you have fun playing the wii?
    Bye bye

  4. Hi i’m Chloe from carronshore primary your wii looks really cool!Mrs vass said we might be allowed to get a wii, i would really like to try it out!! Oh well we’ll just need to hope we get one!!


  5. yasmin

    My mouth just fell all the way to the ground. I have always wanted a wii and you get it in school like no fair.


  6. how did you get it in class?

    Is it the schools?

    LL, Yes the wii belongs to the school That’s pretty cool isn’t it? I have it at home at my house this weekend because we are going to use the “Boogie” program on it for some dance lessons. Stay tuned to see how we go!

  7. How COOL?! What a good idea – we have a shortage of Wii’s in the UK – maybe we could “borrow” yours for PE! 😉 This is a great blog, I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you get up in Australia. Would you drop by to our blog, and tell us what you think?

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