Australian Artist – Clifton Pugh


Clifton Pugh painted Australian landscapes. He concentrated on interesting parts of trees – like curvy branches, textured bark, and the patterns of the leaves.

We spent a beautiful afternoon outside our school, looking for unusual branches to draw.

Here are some pictures of us working outside ……

 Sandy Art Lesson   Group thru tree 2  Tree 3 Thru plant


Working     Girls thru tree   Tree  Sandy drawing

6 thoughts on “Australian Artist – Clifton Pugh

  1. Mrs Dyer

    It is so good to be able to go outside, get out of the confines of the classroom and enjoy working in different surroundings. Looks like you are doing some good work. Sandy th eOtter seems to be enjoying itself in the new environment.

  2. You are very lucky to be able to work outside. It is rarely nice enough to do that here even in the summer term (now!) You can see that by looking at the weather icon on our blog!

  3. We realize how lucky we are to be able to work outside so much 🙂
    It is the start of winter here and the temperature is still around 19 degrees celsius – not too bad at all ! We had a bit of a cold snap today and it only got to 17 degrees brrrrr. 🙂
    We think its quite a bit colder in Aberdeen though!

  4. Loirston,
    We have put a Weather Pixie on our blog now so that we can all compare the weather.
    Right now its winter in Australia and its 9 o’clock at night and we have 17 dgrees. Over on your blog we noticed that its day time, in summer and 13 degrees. WOW 😀

  5. I like the photos and pictures.

    Thanks Megan!
    We seem to do lots of things at school – its a wonder we have time for “sit down” lessons 😆
    What sorts of things do you get up to @ Loirston???

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