DSLites and Year 4


The Year 4 students in the AllStars are using the school DSLites and the game “Dolphin Island” to investigate marine conservation.

They have to look after sea creatures who have been hurt by human and environmental factors. When they are not playing the game, the students are researching marine animals and adding their info to the class wiki, measuring how big the animals are and drawing the creatures.

What fun 🙂

6 thoughts on “DSLites and Year 4

  1. rebecca and ailsa

    your presentation was exellant we might get the game hope you hadfun doing this.

    from rebecca and ailsa in scotland

  2. Lilly

    Hi Mrs P and Allstars!

    The game was really fun to play, I lost my chances with the wazzaps, no! 😆 ❗
    I really enjoyed that prentation, I like the music that went with it.But some of the pictures had nothing to do with “Dolphin Island” but that doesn’t really matter.
    I hope by the end of the term I will finish the “Dolphin Island” game.It is really fun feeding the animals and training them and giving them there medication. ❗

    Lilly :mrgreen:

    ALL the pictures have something to do with Dolphin Island – that is why they are there 🙂
    Come on – I challenge you to work out how the pictures are related to “Dolphin Island”! Go on I know you (or any other Year 4’s) can work it out! 😛
    MrsP 😀 😀

  3. Katherine

    Hi Mrs P,
    Wow great post.That was so fun! 🙂
    Hey Mrs P i wonder if i could change my country into New Zealand. :opps:
    Sorry to bother you but i can’t think of any more things to find it on. 🙂
    Please Mrs P! :mrgreen:

    Bye Mrs P 🙂

    Hello Katherine,
    You can change your country – but Deon has New Zealand already, perhaps you can pick a different Pacific Island? We can work it out on Monday – have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Clement

    Hi Allstars,

    I’m so jealous, I want to play Dolphin Island as well. Your class this year is so lucky, getting to play with DS Lites in class. I wish that I was able to do that last year or in high school.


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