OCEANS OF INFO 3 – Mermaid News


Real or not?

Sokeina & Celia investigated Mermaids, watch their News Report to uncover little known information about these storybook creatures of the deep.


4 thoughts on “OCEANS OF INFO 3 – Mermaid News

  1. Hey Mrs P
    Nicely Written and a job well done to Celia and Sokeina who I thought did such a wonderful job and maybe could actually prove that these creatures, maybe pretty maybe unpleasant, could be real! 😉
    Just a question, about the project. Could I please change Spain to Italy please please? And do you have to draw the flag? Or can I print it off and stick it on?
    All the best and please answer back to me as soon as possible. 😛

  2. Hey MrsP
    So have you decided on my request miss? I hope you will let me do Italy, for Spain’s flag is EXTREMELY hard to draw and I just can’t find anything really suitable…
    So if you’ll find it your heart to let me know if I can do Italy- please?- then that would be awesome. 🙂

    Sure Nadine, you can change your country – I can’t remember who is doing what, but I don’t think it matters that much anyway. Choose to do the flag which ever way you think is best – draw, sew, paint, construct, print – its your flag and your project 🙂 Have fun, think creatively and don’t stress mmmmmmmmm 😎

  3. Howdy MrsP
    Thank god you answered, I was starting to get nervous. I don’t think anyone chose Italy, trust me! And also, thanks for explaining it more clearly to me. Of course I will have fun, and along the way probably think up a good idea for the project!! 😀
    P.S Ummm… miss I am starting to stress about the selective Test results because they STILL haven’t come!!! 🙁 I’m worrying.
    Hugs, Nadine

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