All For One & One For All!


This is the title of our November task on Voices of the World. We had to put together a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate this saying.

The AllStars love participating in VOTW because

  • it’s fun!
  • we get to use lots of new technologies
  • we can think up creative ways to show what we are learning
  • we get to think about different ways of showing what we are doing – like photos, drawings, animations, collage, art, computers
  • we share our ideas and thoughts and suggestions
  • everyone has a part to play
  • we get to see how others do the task
  • we get great new ideas from other schools

Have a look at this month’s task!

3 thoughts on “All For One & One For All!

  1. We are having great fun with these tasks also!

    It’s great how we can get to hear different language and accents from many different cultures!

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