7 thoughts on “Another Test :-)

  1. Hello Allstars

    Looks as though your Flip Video passed the test 🙂

    We’ve just started using a Flip Video too! We have a lot in common at the moment 🙂

  2. Hi Allstars,
    Great to see you using the flip video cameras, I love the flips they are easy to use and the quality is good. In my new job I’ve been lending sets of flips to classes to make videos with, we have been having great fun. I am looking forward to see what you get up to with yours.

  3. Yasmin.H

    Hi Allstars
    how cool is that! Who came up the the idea of string being used to colour pictures?
    P.s I was a Allstar… back in 2006

  4. @ Pam Thompson – we can’t believe how easy the flip cameras are to use. The kids have all sorts of ideas on how they want to use them – stand by for lots of exploration.

    @ John Johnston – glad to see you still visit our blog! Sandy the otter says “G’day” – a real Aussie now!!!!! ;-).
    Hope to use the flip cameras heaps over the next little while stay tuned……..

    @ Hello Yassy – good to hear from you. Yasmin wasn’t just an AllStar – she was one of the original AllStars that started the whole blogging business happening! The string paintings are from Mexico where tribes call it yarn painting. Pretty cool eh – but it takes forever to do! I wonder if we will ever finish them? Love your comments, its really great to hear from you. Say hello to mum and dad from MrsP!

  5. i really like how you did the movie thing and yore blog is so cool and viset m2rbs 21 classes.com and go to adamka and leaf a comente

  6. Yasmin.H

    To Mrs Pericles
    Not just cool but AWSOME! How did you find this out? every peice of art takes patience, i’m 100% sure that you’ll finish them!
    from Yassy
    P.s My mum says Hi and it was grate to hear from you

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