Sports Carnival Day


On your marks …..

Get set ….


The school sports carnival had started.

Hearts thumping, muscles straining, legs pumping.

Eyes straining for the finish line.

There it is, almost there…..


Who else loves the carnival?

Running, jumping, stretching, gliding, playing, cheering, chanting.

Lots to do.

A great day.

(And here are the pictures to prove it 🙂  )

4 thoughts on “Sports Carnival Day

  1. Hi!
    The Athelectics Carnival was very fun, no doubt about it, though those legs hurt TOO much after running which would be the bad side of it. Though, there is always the goo fun of winning and running or even feeling proud about participating.
    After the Athlectics Carnival my lags were aching.
    CYA 🙂

  2. Oh hi guys
    I just looooooooooooved the athletics carnival.
    I showed the allstars blog to a friend from home & she would like to make a comment. TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whats with the arent we cute part of the photos?????????????????????????

    OK bye guys

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