wii’ve Got the Music


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We are studying music for the next few weeks, and we will be using the wii to help us explore and experience a huge range of instruments.

We used our Golden Time today for the intial taste of what the wii can do – everyone had a quick turn at playing an instrument and we all had a bit of a laugh as well.

Stay tuned for more posts on what else we are doing with the wii Music.

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16 thoughts on “wii’ve Got the Music

  1. Hello Allstars,
    That must have been great to play and learn using the wii. That is a very creative thing to do! did you all use the same character or were there a few? I love playing on the wii and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have all of you played on the wii before? By the way I love the way you have set out your blog, it rocks!!!

  2. kaytie

    Hi Allstars!!!
    OMG!Lucky!You must have a lot of fun with the wii…
    i wish i could join you…but im much too old 🙁
    My daughter says “You can never be too old for wii,” although i never play…i must try…
    ToooooodleZZZZ allstars….you are the most wonderful students a teacher could have
    Stay wonderful

  3. Hi there Allstars,
    I agree the wii was extremly fun.
    I really hope we can learn more of those musical instrument, they all seem intresting.
    I hope learning music would be very fun and intresating. I also hope I can learn lots on music and have fun with is.
    Bye 😆
    Celia from tha Allstars

  4. Hi All Stars,

    We think playing wii music in class is really cool! Did you learn anything about the electric guitar? We have a wii and we like playing wii sports, bowling is our favourite.

    Mrs C & P3 Dunipace

  5. Thanks for commenting. Tennis is our favourite sport on the wii.
    We also like the electric guitar as well as the drums, the bells, the piano, the trumpet and the violin.

    How were your holidays? We have holidays in 5 more weeks!


  6. jonathan

    hello the wii music looked like fun. my class have only played with the wii once how about you?hope to here from you soon and bye everybody. FROM JONATHAN

  7. madi

    hey my name is madi and im in la2-6 at paringa park primary school, sounds like you had fun on the wii i’d love to do some thing like that in my class didnt know you could acctually play wii in a lesson at school! hope you have you have a great rest of the year.

    MAdi 🙂

  8. That is so awesome that you guys got to play the wii. I would want to play the wii in my class also. You have a cool teacher that lets you play the wii.

  9. Ramses

    I think learning how to play music with the nintendo wii sounds like fun. It will also be easier because your going to be having fun playing and you will be learning about music.

  10. Thanks Ramses – it was a lot of fun to have the chance to play so many instruments. Thats why we used the game in our classroom – so we get to “play” a variety of instruments as well as to hear how they sounded. We learnt a lot about music too – in some of the games you had to repeat patterns, listen for higher or lower sounds and complete simple tunes. We certainly learned a lot from this fun game 🙂

    By the way – your class blog is great too. Keep up the fantastic writing!


  11. You’re right Spartacus – it IS fun to play wii games at school as part of our learning. Wii fit plus is lots of fun too, wii sports is another favourite of ours.

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