Exploring the wiiMusic


Over the past week we have been playing the wiiMusic in small groups so that we can practise the activities and get better at the games.

We have been playing lots of different instruments and hearing and accompanying many different tunes. Its quite hard at times to play tunes that you haven’t heard before. We have found that you get better – and it becomes easier – the more you practice and the more familiar you are with both the instrument and the tune.

We have found out about “pitch” by playing the “Pitch Perfect” game – you have to listen carefully to match the notes that are the same, or put the notes in ascending order by listening to them. Sometimes this is hard, and the timer is counting down so you have to hurry!

wiiMusic – Perfect Pitch from KimPericles on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Exploring the wiiMusic

  1. Hey allstars!!
    The video is so hilarious with gogouli and her face!!
    its absolutely funny!!
    well i have 2 say the wii is fun!!
    we were having fun exploring
    i luv checking out our blog, IT rulez……
    g2g allstars
    from:ur classmate fonzii

  2. Thanks for the comments DA and Fonzi!

    We all had a lot of fun playing the wii in class – we also learnt heaped about music too.
    It was great – I wonder what we can play next?


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