Recorder Sketchings


We have had a couple of “Jellybeans” music lessons so far this term and are really excited to be learning to play the recorder.

DSC07421 DSC07422  DSC07428

Recently we used charcoal pencils to sketch some aspects of our recorders. We tried to experiment by pressing softly and more firmly, using the side of the pencil and the tip of the pencil as well.

Here are our finished sketches …..

wii”ve Got The Music – Recorder Sketchings on PhotoPeach

10 thoughts on “Recorder Sketchings

  1. Miss Gordon at Dunipace

    We love your recorder drawings, they are excellent. We are beginning our recorder lessons on Tuesday so that we can play some songs at our services this year. Its going to be very noisy to begin with. Do you enjoy playing recorders? What songs can you play?

  2. hey allstars!!
    dont u luv our recordier drawings??
    their absolutely fantastic dont u think?
    its was fun having time using chacoal pencils as our pencil
    too sketch out our brilliant recorders of ours!!
    we can also play a little music with our musical instrument!!
    i hav 2 say their wonderful………..
    i have 2 go now allstars

  3. Clement

    Hey Ms Pericles,
    Long time no talk = )

    Wow, you have such good drawers this year!
    Your recorder sketches are really good 🙂
    I have to go do my assignments now xD
    cya 😀

  4. Hello Samuel, thanks for your comment. We are glad that you like our drawings – they were not easy to do. Some people find drawing harder than others but we all think that they look pretty good!

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