Dressing Up!


Here are the photos from our recent Book Week Parade. Everyone had to dress up as a character from a book.

We had evil villains, vampire friends, a couple of tradesmen, sporting people, robbers, a fairy and friends from fairy tales and many visitors from Hogwarts School.

Thanks AllStars for participating in the fun – all those who came and dressed up made it a fun  day – smiles all around   🙂

15 thoughts on “Dressing Up!

  1. Hi S3P,

    Just looking at your pictures and we enjoyed them!

    Who was your favourite character of the day?

    Your friendly next-door neighbours! S3K 🙂

  2. Hello S3K our friendly neighbours!
    Thanks for your comment – we think Ms Krisenthal was the bestest dressed character of the day – green is cool!
    Who did you think was the best????

  3. Thanks Ms Thompson!
    In the end it WAS great fun to dress up – and it was pretty good that everyone made an effort too. It was a fun day and we still laugh at the photos – how funny do we look?

  4. Hi Ms Schaffer
    Glad you enjoyed our costumes – your kids costumes were fantastic! Book Week is pretty big here in NSW – seems like everyone loves to dress up!

  5. hi allstars,
    i reckon that the costumes were all great and it was an action packed day.
    i was hoping that the kidergarten person not to choose the bike in the raffle .

    p.s. by allstars im going overseas in 21 hours
    see you in 6 weeks

  6. Hey Allstars
    Those costumes look awesome!! 🙂
    That was a cool day we had…Everyone looked fancy!! they didn’t even look like they were eve n going to school!!:)

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