We’re Up For A Challenge



Every morning we have Silent Reading for 15 minutes – this gives a chance to read every day. This is a big help because we are all involved in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

The PRC is a yearly challenge to read 20 books – 15 must be from a challenge list, and 5 can be your own choice. We have lots of the PRC books in our classroom book corner and we have put them all out on a table so they are easy to find.

We can also borrow books from the school Library and read them in Silent Reading time as well.

With so many books around , the only question is …….. how can we stop reading at just 20????


2 thoughts on “We’re Up For A Challenge

  1. Hi guys! Its me and I was thinking the same thing. How can we stop reading, I myself am reading the LORT (the lord of the rings) series and i’m only on book one! 🙂

    Mabye i should set that aside for now so I can finish the PRC first. 🙂

    But as long as it’s done it’s all good. 🙂

    Seeya! 🙂

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