Environmental Acrostics


We had the choice to write about biodiversity for homework – and these people wrote these acrostic poems 🙂

P  eaceful

L  iving things

mazing colours

N  ature is what we all need

rees help us live

ave our environment!

By Shaima

P  lants are taking over.

L  ong vines everywhere.

A  rt of nature.

N  ature spreading wildlife –

T  aking over our land.

By Marwan

very place is a home to someone or something.

C  old regions like Antarctica shelter penguins and seals.

pen savannahs allow lions to chase their prey freely.

S  ome creatures live in the water  – like fish and whales.

Y  ou might even have something unexpected in your backyard!

S  ometimes a habitat is right for one, but not for another.

T  earing down ecosystems results in the extinction of many species.

E  xtinction of one species may result in the extinction of many.

M  any don’t realise the importance of ecosystems.

S  ometimes ecosystems are home to thousands, even millions of different species.

By Irina

T  here are only 3000 tigers alive.

I  nstinctively trying to survive.

reat, magnificent beasts lying their heads to rest.

very day they do their best.

R  oaring loud they scream and shout

S  oon we’ll see none plodding about.

By Justin – this poem is to warn people about the dangerously low numbers of tigers, and if we don’t do something about it tigers will become extinct.

12 thoughts on “Environmental Acrostics

  1. Hi Allstars,:)

    I like how shaima put it all together and made a sentence out of it,it was good i like it. 🙂

    I like how Marwan explained what was every thing that was going on. 🙂

    I like how Irina put the involvements of the Ecosystem and how she put things about ecosystem in most of them.:-)

    I like how Justin’s acrostic poem made a rhyme all of it together. 🙂
    Well done to all of you keep up the good work,
    Bye for now but not for long. 🙂

  2. Hey Mrs P,

    There are only 3000 tigers alive. 🙁
    Not 300. 🙂 If there where only 300 left in the world then I would be putting a comment on every blog on our blogroll to warn them about it.



  3. Ricki Huang

    Hi Allstars,

    I’m from St Mary Star of the Sea. I wish our class had a blog. I found out about this blog through my friend. I personally like Irina’s poem because it’s not too short and its got true infomation but it doesnt sound to scientific. How did she come up with such a great poem?


  4. Hello Ricki!
    Thanks for your great comment – we are glad that you found our blog 🙂
    I’m sure Irina will answer your question when she has a moment tomorrow.

  5. Hi Ricki,

    Well you see, all it takes is a word to begin with and some interesting sentences and you’re ready to go (you’ll need a paper and pen too)!

    have you ever tried writing an acrostic poem?

    Bye! :-*

  6. samiyah

    thank u for that great comment and it is a good thing u wrote what you wrote now not only i know the world know


  7. Desiny

    This help me very much with me and my kid in school!!!!! And we just want to thank you for all your help!!
    THANK UP !!!!!!!!

  8. Abi

    How about this??

    Caring for it is important
    Oxygen is what trees give out
    Some creatures live in the water
    You may put some species in
    So help them and let them live
    To do that stop hunting parties
    Ecosystems are special so,
    Make use of them

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