Seeds, seeds, seeds



Seeds are the givers of life – they are like the energy of the whole world!

Did you know that there are more than a million types of seeds in the world?

Seeds are a very important part of life and today in class we studied seeds; we used runner beans and had to draw them and label the parts of the seed. We found the three main parts of the seed: the coat, the embryo (which contains the first leaves, the root, and the stem) and the cotyledon (food).


We also got to sketch a number of other seeds as well – some were tiny, some were flat, one was pink(!) and one was wrinkly.


We watched a video about the “Seed Hunter” – a scientist who is trying to save and store the world’s precious seeds. He puts them safely in a vault in Norway called “the doomsday vault” to keep them safe for future generations.

We saw weird seeds that we had never seen before and wondered about seeds for the first time ever!

  • What would happen without seeds?
  • If seeds can save our very survival on this planet then why do we keep purchasing artificial products?
  • How do seeds help to save the world?
  • Are seeds really “green gold” – are they really so precious and important?


We looked at seeds as a key to genetic diversity on this planet and some of us are quite interested in genetics now.

Who would have thought that seeds could be so interesting???

Thanks to Evan, Mahrukh, Irene, Irina, Thien, Toa, Ebaa, Marwan and Deon for your words and ideas.

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