Seed Poetry


We wrote these poems about our growing seeds….


 Seed …peacefully waiting for life

Warmly covered and comfortable in the soil

Protected and warm

Seed …. bursting out like a beautiful flower.

By Shaima


Peacefully the seeds wait for life

Comfortable, covered in soil

Warmly awaken

As the water hits  they launch out of the soil.

By Lizzie


Seed …. the seed waits calmly for life.

Blanketted in the moist soil, the seed awaits growth.

Feeling energy to live, the seed tingles with warmth and awakens.

The shoot blasts through the soil as if out of a cannon.

By Irina, Gogouli, Odelia and Fonzelina


Seeds …. waiting to be planted

Seeds …. using the soil as a warm bed

Seeds … mysteriously awaken from deep sleep

Seeds …. exploding through the soil and sprouting leaves.

By William


Seeds … sleeping peacefully and calmly waiting for life

Waiting  ….

A surge of life ..

Bursting for a new adventure.

By Irene


Awaiting the unimaginable

Cocooned in natural, enriching soil

The soil, a guardian.

Full of life and energy, pumped to begin its quest.

By Sioeli


The seed, resting, waiting to be put in soil ….

Comfortable in its new home.

About to come to life …

A new adventure as it bursts out of the soil.

By Mahrukh


Waiting calmly for a new life.

Blanketted in warm soil.

Sleeping and comfortable.

Bursting out furiously – ready for a new life.

By Ebaa


8 thoughts on “Seed Poetry

  1. mallanie

    Hi Allstars, 🙂

    looks like your class is working very hard for growing the seeds!
    Last year I worked very hard to grow a plant in my backyard/garden too! It was pretty hard-because i did it by myself – but i tried my best. At the end i got VERY dirty because i had to do about 7 or 8 plants.
    But i had LOTS of fun!!! 🙂

    Hoe you had LOTS of fun too! 🙂

  2. Hello guys,

    I really enjoyed seeing what the others in my group wrote and how we looked at all our sentences before we put the poems together.

    Hope we can do something like that soon!

    Bye 4 now 8-D

  3. What lovely poetry! I like the ideas of the seed being blanketed, warm and cosy and then bursting into life!

    I notice that some of your plants look like they’ve grown more than others. I wonder why that is?

  4. Hi guys,

    I just wanted to say that everyone did an awesome job in their poems and I think they are wonderful. 🙂

    Hi Mrs Klose some plants/seeds are growing faster and taller than others because some people started before others therefore they gained a head start. 🙂

    Bye! Bye! 🙂

  5. Hello Mrs K
    Another reason for the different heights you noticed is because we are growing 2 different types of bean plants.
    The taller plants are runner beans and all of the other plants are broad beans.
    We are wondering what other differences we might notice over the next few weeks.

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