Ready for a Reading Challenge!


As it’s the start of a new term, we are all ramping up our efforts in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Many of us have attempted this challenge in previous years, but not everyone has acheived the target of reading 20 books yet. So we have decided to really “give it a go” this year. We have worked out some individual and class rewards as we hit small targets on our way to 20 books each.

Here are some photos of us in our morning DEAR (drop everything and read) session today. We look like we should be able to reach 20 books each no trouble don’t we? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Ready for a Reading Challenge!

  1. Hi AllStars. You all look as though you’re really focussed on your reading. Good luck with completing the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

    Do you have favourite books to read in your class?

  2. Hello Mrs Thompson, thanks for your comment, we love getting comments 🙂

    We all have different books that are our favourites. You have given us a good idea about a post we will write soon! Keep a look out for a post about which books we like 🙂

  3. Dear Allstar
    I hope you guys can read as much books as you can so you can get a cetificate and also when you guys read alot of books you can get smarter,so get reading .


    From Sarah kaddour

  4. Altin – I love your positive message – but I hope that you are going to reach your goal and complete the challenge as well. Keep on reading – I KNOW that you can do it 😀 MrsP

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