What’s the Fuss About Smoking?


Watch this anti-smoking video:


How effective do you think it is?

Why is it effective?

Any other comments?


This episode of Behind the News looks at smoking and the ways in which governments make laws to protect people.

Smoking Danger:

What do you think about smoking?

Should governments ban smoking?

What evidence do you have to support your views?


Look carefully at this KIDS FACT SHEET for important information about smoking.

13 thoughts on “What’s the Fuss About Smoking?

  1. james zoghaib

    i think you should quit somiking because most of you might know that every cigarette you smoke that takes 30 minutes of your LIFE!!!

  2. zainab

    what do you think about smoking ? i think that its bad for your heath and you can get sick really easliy.

  3. Mia

    If I had 1 wish only I would wish for that smoking and tabacco and drugs would have never been invented because people all around the world smoke including kids it is very bad for you and your body and you can catch cancer.

  4. kaufoou

    I reckon that it is good that this video shows children telling adults to care about themselves because it makes them think twice about what they are doing and remember that people look up to them. So therefore i ask anyone who is reading this meassage to pass it on to smokers and ask them to think twice please!


  5. Erin+Serena

    I think that this video is good because we think that it shows that it is not to late to quit smoking and we think that is what the video is trying to tell us.


  6. rasha

    I think that in all contries cigarettes should be band or only be sold to people over the age of 18 . Rasha

    people that have cigarettes may not know the affect that will happen in there life to come .Julie

  7. jasmine

    smoking ciggarettes cause cancers and damages your lungs,brain and mouth. spends alot of money. by jasmine

  8. elita+salina

    we both think that all smokers should see this video as informs them about there health and we hope that they will eventually stop smoking.please share this video and hope that smokers just stops SMOKING.

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