Peter Dalton and the Call to War


Hello Stage 3 people,

I found this great interactive site about a boy deciding if he should enlist in the army and go to the First World War.

There are some interesting interactives to look at – background information about how the war started, who the enemy countries were, what Australia was like at the time.

Please spend some time looking through the information to broaden your knowledge about WW1, and think about the advice you would give to Peter Dalton.

What would you do??

Unfortunately the site does not work on the iPads, so you will need to use another type of tech to access the site.

Have fun 🙂

Peter Dalton: Enlistment and the Call to War




Please leave a reply in the comments section – What would YOU tell Peter to do – join up or not?

2 thoughts on “Peter Dalton and the Call to War

  1. Amanda.Fifita

    I believe that Peter Dalton should not go and enlist because he has to stay and look after his home and family in my opinion you will risk your life to much and I found one person that did not come to this school his name is Billy Sing thy found a dariy of his back at world war 1.



  2. Hello Amanda, Great comment, and you have backed up your opinion with a valid reason 🙂 The diaries of the men fighting tell an interesting story of what it was like at the time. You might enjoy the book “A Rose for the ANZAC boys” by Jackie French – I just read it this weekend and it tells the story of a young 17 old New Zealand girl and how she helped in the War in France in WW1.

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