Digital Citizen Project


We are well on the way in our Digital Citizen Project this week. All groups are busy planning exactly what they will use in their presentations.

Now …

it gets CREATIVE!

Each group is making sure that their project is attention grabbing, different and special.

Some groups are using photos, animations, movies, stories, cartoons and puppets to make their plan interesting and applicable to the age group who will be their audience.

Great work – keep on thinking 🙂

Any questions that need clearing up? Ask them in the comments section below. 

Federation Convention


federation Convention

All of the Stage 3 students (and the Stage 2 students in Jade!) took part in a mock Federation Convention in the Library today. As delegates we had to make sure that we represented the interests and views of the people who had sent us. We had the very important job of deciding on the location of the new federal parliament – two groups decided to situate the new parliament in a separate territory in NSW called Canberra, while the other group were still deciding where to locate.

Everyone is wearing either a moustache or hat to show that women were not included in this process, and we are all looking serious as we have a huge responsibility to the people of Australia.

There were lots of “OBJECTION!!!!”s and fist thumping – although this was probably because it was fun! Some of the delegates were very serious and made some wonderful contributions to developing the constitution of our new nation!

Great work Stage 3 (and Stage 2 in Jade :-))

What did YOU think of our convention? What the best parts for you? Leave a comment below!

Stage 3 Project



OK Stage 3, we are at the creative and exciting end of our work on being a positive digital citizen!

To get you thinking about how you would like to present your project I have links to the presentation ideas we looked at today.

When choosing which one you would like to use keep in mind:

  • the age of the students you are making the plan for
  • the big ideas you want to present
  • the types of images and graphics you want to use
  • the text you need to include
  • the music that is age and purpose appropriate.

Hhhhmmm – LOTS of things to keep you thinking 🙂

Here are the sites:

1. Animoto – make beautiful videos online.

2. Thinglink – make your images interactive.


After you have had a look, please leave a comment to let me know which one would be best for your purpose.

Digital Citizenship #2



There has been a buzz around the digital citizenship websites that I shared with you last week! I am so glad that you are enjoying exploring these sites and learning how to be positive digital citizens.

Everything you are learning by playing these games will be useful when you are working on your plans.

Just so you have some more ideas and sites to try – here are two more interesting sites for your educational enjoyment 🙂

1. Webonauts Internet Academy

The Webonauts Academy empowers kids to make responsible and respectful decisions in their online interactions.

Sign in with a username + password to save your character.

2. The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew

In this site you get to guide the characters on a quest and help them make safe online decisions.


Don’t forget!

Leave a comment  to let others know what you think of these games 🙂


Have a Look at These Sites


OK Stage 3!

Here are some clips and games and information for you to explore and find out about being a safe and positive digital citizen.

Please take some time to view a couple that interest you and leave a comment to let others know what you have found interesting, informative or relevant.

Brain Pop Jnr – Internet Safety


Buddi:e – Cybersecurity builder

Cyber Cafe

Cyber Safety Interactive

FBI – Safe Online Surfing

Get Wise Online – short videos to watch



Have fun – remember to talk with your partner, and if you have any questions you can ask them in the comments section!

How to leave a comment:

1. Click on the speech bubbles/ comments under the post

2. Type in your question or comment

3. Remember to add your name + email

4. Copy the SPAM blocker words in the space provided

5. Get your partner to check the spelling and that your comment is clear

6. Press “SUBMIT”

Digital Citizenship


Stage 3 students are exploring what it means to be positive digital citizens.

We have linked into our school “Shine Guide” to help us see that being a positive citizen on-line is not so different to being a positive citizen off-line!

We are still finding out about all of the different ways that we can be positive and safe on-line; and later we will be making a plan or poster or presentation about what we can do to make sure that we are positive digital citizens.

Digital Citizens

Meet the Parents Night


We had a great time on Monday night meeting many parents and families at our “Meet the Teacher” night.

A yummy sausage sizzle was provided by our P & C group – thank you to everyone who cooked and volunteered on the night.

All of our 2014 staff were introduced and families moved to classrooms to hear all about the year ahead 🙂

Here is a quick summary of Library days and requirements for Semester 1:

Library Flyer

Welcome to 2014 School Year


  Glitter Words
[ – *Glitter Words*]

Hello from the Library – I’m glad that everyone is settling in to new classes and making new friends.

A big welcome to our new students in Kindergarten and other grades across the school.

We are very glad that you are all here – ready to learn and play and read and thing and WONDER in the library for another year 🙂

Super Scientists


Here is a link to a great site that has lots of interesting science videos.

It’s called


and would be a good place to check out if you are curious about a specific strand of science.

After you have watched a video that interests you please leave a comment!


  • Your name
  • The title of the video you watched
  • What the video made you wonder, or puzzle, or say “Aha!!!!!”.


Another FAB site is called “Wonderopolis” check it out to find something interesting too – don’t forget to leave a comment!


Everyone will then be able to share your discoveries and perhaps make some discoveries of their own too.

Brotherband Chronicles – A New Series


If you like adventure, archery, pirates, and  heroes then this trilogy is for you!

John Flanagan, the author, also wrote the “Ranger’s Apprentice” books and if you liked those books then it looks like you will also like The Brotherband Chronicles.

There is an interesting website (click on the link below to take you there) with games and music and downloadfs and you can check out this book trailer too!

Brotherband Chronicles

Here is the Book Trailer:



And here is John Flanagan talking about The Brotherband Chronicles: