Everything’s Bigger in New York !


Hello AllStars – how are you getting on?

I have had a few problems with the blog – but it is all fixed now. Here are some posts that I have made along the way on my trip. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Here in New York I have found these amazingly huge games consoles.

What could we do with consoles as BIG as these?

Who can come up with the most original ideas – special prize for you if it’s your idea! leave your ideas in the comments section.

Class of the Week


         How exciting!

We won Class of the Week last week and so we got to use the Nintendo DsLites in Golden Time.

Most of us knew how to use them, but for some people it was their first time.

Lots of people joined up together to play games against each other, but by the end nearly everyone was chatting to each other using picto chat.

It was great fun to use these handheld consoles with friends and a wonderful reward for trying hard!