Our Very First Make It Challenge

By AllStars

We celebrated Book Week with a Make It Challenge in the Library.

Students were asked to “Connect to Reading” by creating a model of some sort of a book they were reading.

We had lots of very creative entries – people used lego, boxes, wood, minecraft, glitter jewels, drawings and pipe cleaners to construct a model. Lots of interesting connections to stories and reading :-)

Have a look at the entries below:


Leave a comment about your favourite entry in the comment section.

We’ve Discovered Another Wild Reader!

By AllStars

While holidaying recently, Thomas was spotted doing a little reading in the wild!

Looks like he is planning the next fishing trip with his DAD.

Hope you catch a BIG one :-)

Thomas Wild Reader

Searching, searching, searching!

By AllStars

This week Stage 3 students were introduced to better search techniques to use when they are searching the internet for information.

Below is a You Tube clip that mentions a number of the strategies we used this week.

Why not watch it and then practise your searching techniques online?


By AllStars

Stage 2 and 3 Jade will be making book trailers this term.

To help us think about what we are wanting to produce I found this Prezi about Storyboarding.

Please watch it so that we can make the best Book Trailers ever!

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What’s the Fuss About Smoking?

By AllStars

Watch this anti-smoking video:


How effective do you think it is?

Why is it effective?

Any other comments?


This episode of Behind the News looks at smoking and the ways in which governments make laws to protect people.

Smoking Danger:

What do you think about smoking?

Should governments ban smoking?

What evidence do you have to support your views?


Look carefully at this KIDS FACT SHEET for important information about smoking.

Origami Ninja Stars or An Information Text!

By AllStars

Today Year 3 students watched a You Tube clip that showed and told them how to make a ninja star. Here are some of the interesting things they noticed about this text:

  • it was an instructional text – it showed you how to make something
  • it was a type of procedure, with steps to follow
  • you had to listen to the words as well as watch the pictures
  • the video was really helpful to watch as if you couldn’t understand a part you could watch and see what to do next
  • the video supported the words, you could watch the video over and over at each part – to see how the narrator was actually moving the papers and making the folds
  • the photos inbooks are static (they stay still) the video showed the movements to make with the folding
  • the spoken words + the written words + the video worked together to make sure we could actually make our ninja stars!

Here is the clip we watched:



And here are our finished ninja stars :-)


Drug Education – “So What’s the Fuss?”

By AllStars

Stage 3 students will be investigating drug education this term.

Have a look at some of these websites during this session and come up with some areas of interest, that you may want to explore further.

Kid’s Health Facts

Drug Facts for Young People – Comic

It’s A fact! – You Tube video you will ahve to watch at home :-(

OxyGen Tobacco Fact Sheets

Wild Readers

By AllStars

Ben has spent his holidays reading in many wild places – have a look at where he was caught reading.

Thanks Ben for being a WILD READER.

Positive Puppets

By AllStars

Calling all Kindergarten AllStars – here is a video made especially for you by our Stage 3 students.

It will help you remember how to be safe online.

A big “Thank you” to Angelina, Erin and Rifa for making this video :-)


Puppets Get Positive from KimPericles on Vimeo.

Safety On and Near Roads

By AllStars

Here are some links for Stage 3 to use as they explore the issues around Road Safety and Schools.

Use these sites to get a “big picture” view of real world statistics and information from these government websites.

What you find out from these sites will help you come up with answers for the next part of our explorartion!

Pedestrians and Safety

World Health Organization – Road Traffic Injuries

World Health Organization – Infographic

World Health Organization – Child Injury Prevention

Did you find any shocking, worrying, or surprising information? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Background Image: Southern Cross with Sparklers

Our cool image of the Southern Cross is from here: http://freeaussiestock.com/free/Australiana/slides/southerncross.htm Thank you :-)