Recorder Sketchings


We have had a couple of “Jellybeans” music lessons so far this term and are really excited to be learning to play the recorder.

DSC07421 DSC07422  DSC07428

Recently we used charcoal pencils to sketch some aspects of our recorders. We tried to experiment by pressing softly and more firmly, using the side of the pencil and the tip of the pencil as well.

Here are our finished sketches …..

wii”ve Got The Music – Recorder Sketchings on PhotoPeach

wii’ve Got the Music


DSC07395   DSC07406

We are studying music for the next few weeks, and we will be using the wii to help us explore and experience a huge range of instruments.

We used our Golden Time today for the intial taste of what the wii can do – everyone had a quick turn at playing an instrument and we all had a bit of a laugh as well.

Stay tuned for more posts on what else we are doing with the wii Music.

DSC07396     DSC07405