Peter Dalton and the Call to War


Hello Stage 3 people,

I found this great interactive site about a boy deciding if he should enlist in the army and go to the First World War.

There are some interesting interactives to look at – background information about how the war started, who the enemy countries were, what Australia was like at the time.

Please spend some time looking through the information to broaden your knowledge about WW1, and think about the advice you would give to Peter Dalton.

What would you do??

Unfortunately the site does not work on the iPads, so you will need to use another type of tech to access the site.

Have fun 🙂

Peter Dalton: Enlistment and the Call to War




Please leave a reply in the comments section – What would YOU tell Peter to do – join up or not?

ANZAC Day Service



We held our annual ANZAC Day service this week .

This is a very important day in Australian culture and takes place on April 25th (we will be on school holidays so held our service early). On this day we remember the all of the military personnel who have given their lives to uphold the freedom and democracy that we know is important to Australians.

On April 25th 1915, many Australian and New Zealand soldiers took part in a ferocious battle at Gallipoli in Turkey. The fighting was intense on both sides, and there were many casualties. The bravery and courage of the Australian and New Zealand troops was immense and we are very proud of these soldiers who fought for us many years ago.

Today, we remember and give thanks to all the many of thousands of people who have fought for Australia in battles and wars all over the world. We thank them for their bravery and rmember them on this day.

At our school ceremony each class made beautiful wreaths to lay alongside the Australian flag. The SRC representatives placed the wreaths on the stage, then we listened to the bugle call, the one minutes silence and the trumpet.

It was a serious and solemn occasion for us all.