A Visit from MrO


MrO is a teacher from Scotland who was travelling around New Zealand and Australia for his summer holidays.

He called in to visit us because we often blog with his school.

He answered our varied and in-depth (!!!) questions about Scotland and Wales and then we took him on a tour of our school.

After an Aussie morning tea he was off and away again – to see more of Australia before heading off home to Scotland and back to school.

Thanks for visiting MrO!

See you on your blog soon 🙂


Welcome Back!


Hello everyone – well, school has started for another year and I know that we will have a great time exploring, discovering and learning together.

I am still over here in the UK – England to be specific.

It’s been a busy month for me – meeting some of our blogging friends and looking at how technology is being used in Nursery Schools (little kids), Primary Schools (like us) and Secondary Schools (high Schools). Lots of different sorts of ways of using technology creatively and excitingly. Can’t wait to get back and try some of these things out.

Have a look at what Mrs Dyer and I have been up to on these presentations made while we were visiting!

This presentation was when we visited Easter Carmuirs Primary – who ‘s blog is called “Take A Look Inside” why not pop over and leave a comment on their blog?