Water Watchers


Despite the heavens opening and almost washing us all away, we had a visit from Natalie from the Waste Watchers team. Natalie was an expert “Water Watcher” and we spent the afternoon ……. 

Revising what we knew about the water cycle:


Talking about how to save water at home:


And sharing suggestions for conserving water:


There was time to talk, to listen, to think, to answer questions, to ask questions, and to come up with great ways or reducing, re-using, and recycling water.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Last week we had a visit from the “Keep Australia Beautiful” council and we learnt all about our rubbish and the wide world of waste!


We found out about

  • landfill
  • bacteria
  • chemicals
  • bottles, glass, jars
  • plastics
  • recyclables
  • contamination
  • toxic
  • dangers
  • marine life
  • pollution
  • garbage

and our responsibilities towards our waste and rubbish.

There were lots of interesting things to think about – leave a comment on something YOU will do as a result of taking responsibility for your waste and rubbish  😀     😕

Go on ….. leave a comment ……..


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