X Country Race



On a beautiful Friday afternoon, the annual cross country running carnival got underway today.

We spent the afternoon in wonderful sunshine, enjoying the effort and stamina of students across Stages 2 and 3 as they ran many, many laps of the oval and grassy playground.

There were many successes – students competing for the first (or last) time, students finishing their race, students completing more laps than they had finished before, and some students qualifying for the next, inter-school competition.

Congratulations to everyone who “had a go”.

Game For Some New Skills!


“WheeeewwwwT!!!” the whistles blew and each group started their game.

It was a beautiful, sunny Friday morning and all of Stage 3 were in the mood for some fun and games, and what better way to spend the morning than with the student teachers from ACPE learning new skills and playing a variety of games in the sunshine?

We were in small groups of  8 or 9 students so everyone had a great chance to try out their skills, practice them and play some new games all at the same time. Lots of laughs and smiles all round……

We can’t wait for the ACPE students to come back again this week; wonder what we will get up to then?











PSC Ambassador Visits


We had an exciting morning in the Assembly Hall this morning. Prasanth, an athletic ambassador from the Premier’s Sporting Challenge visited us and spoke to the school.


He explained that his mother took him to gymnastics because he was a very active child. Prasanth continued enjoying gymnastics, and with lots and lots of training and commitment, he has made it to the top in his sport. Prasanth is currently ranked number one in the world!


Prasanth is dividing his time between gymnastics training and studies at university. He says it takes as much effort and dedication to achieve in his studies as it does in sport.


Prasanth encourages everyone to choose a sport that they enjoy, aim high and work hard at it to become the best you can be- and have heaps of fun along the way.


Clever Carronshore :)


 A big “Thank you” to Carronshore P5LW students who came up with a few new ideas for us to try in PE.

After working hard for the last 14 weeks, we are coming to the end of the Premier’s Sporting Challenge and we needed some different activities to keep us going during PE sessions.

Over the last couple of sessions we have tried out our badminton skills and skipping skills.

Badminton is trickier than we thought it would be – the shuttlecock is very light and is caught by the wind to make things difficult J

We are trying to skip “double dutch” using two ropes. Some of us can do this but others are taking a little longer to get the hang of this skipping business!