Crazy Hat and Hair Day 2009


Today was a fun day to end first term. We all dressed in orange – for Harmony Day; blue – for True Blue Day; and had crazy  hair or a hat.

First off there were raffle tickets to sell and buy – there were lots of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies to win.

Then the whole school assembled in the playground to watch everyone parade around and show off their fabulous clothes or crazy hats and hair.

Next the raffles were drawn and the winners came out to the front to receive their chocolates.

Last of all we had a a whole school “shake and shimmy” dance-along. We danced to the Nutbush, YMCA, the Heel and Toe Polka. What a lot of fun! We all had a great time dancing together in the sunshine.

Finally the lunch bell sounded and we headed off  back to our classrooms – exhausted but happy!

What a fun way to end the term – HAPPY HOLIDAYS

ANZAC Day Service



We held our annual ANZAC Day service this week .

This is a very important day in Australian culture and takes place on April 25th (we will be on school holidays so held our service early). On this day we remember the all of the military personnel who have given their lives to uphold the freedom and democracy that we know is important to Australians.

On April 25th 1915, many Australian and New Zealand soldiers took part in a ferocious battle at Gallipoli in Turkey. The fighting was intense on both sides, and there were many casualties. The bravery and courage of the Australian and New Zealand troops was immense and we are very proud of these soldiers who fought for us many years ago.

Today, we remember and give thanks to all the many of thousands of people who have fought for Australia in battles and wars all over the world. We thank them for their bravery and rmember them on this day.

At our school ceremony each class made beautiful wreaths to lay alongside the Australian flag. The SRC representatives placed the wreaths on the stage, then we listened to the bugle call, the one minutes silence and the trumpet.

It was a serious and solemn occasion for us all.

Principal Excellence!



Last week Mrs Dyer visited the national capital, Canberra, to receive an award. She was presented with her Australian Government 2008 National Award for Quality Schooling Achievement by a Principal award.

A photographer came to school and took some photos of Mrs Dyer and students for the newspaper.


We are all very proud of her and what she does for our school. Mrs Dyer presented a cheque to the school at Assembly and everyone gave her three HUGE cheers!!!!!



Mrs Dyer is soon off to Harvard University in the USA to take part in a couple of “summer school” courses – good luck and learn lots. Wish we were going with you 🙂