Poetry Project Games


Stage 3 students have started learning about figurative language as this type of language is often used in poetry.

First they had some words to work out – they had to find definitions and examples. Then MrsP gave them “cheat sheets” to check their answers and we all discussed the names and examples together.

Next the students wrote out their words, definitions and examples onto cards to make a memory or “Go Fish” game.

Here are some of the people from 3 Discworld making and playing their games.

Poetry Project


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Well Stage 3 people, it’s time to get moving on your “Poetry Project”.

To help you along, with videos, suggestions, links etc I have set up an Edmodo account that I would like you to join.

Edmodo is a safe, online learning space – you will have to get the joining code from me – and then you can join up and have access to lots of resources and help as you need it.

Click on this Edmodo image for the link to the Edmodo sign in page ……

Poetry is Everywhere #3


Lots of favourite books are written in rhyming verse.

Dr Seuss knew how to write in verse – here is a favourite story of his.


What’s your favourite Dr Seuss story – is it written in rhyming verse?

Poetry is Everywhere! #1


This term I am looking forward to exploring poetry with everyone.

I have put together a quick slideshow of some poetry I found around my home today – do YOU have any poems hanging out at your place?