Federation Convention


federation Convention

All of the Stage 3 students (and the Stage 2 students in Jade!) took part in a mock Federation Convention in the Library today. As delegates we had to make sure that we represented the interests and views of the people who had sent us. We had the very important job of deciding on the location of the new federal parliament – two groups decided to situate the new parliament in a separate territory in NSW called Canberra, while the other group were still deciding where to locate.

Everyone is wearing either a moustache or hat to show that women were not included in this process, and we are all looking serious as we have a huge responsibility to the people of Australia.

There were lots of “OBJECTION!!!!”s and fist thumping – although this was probably because it was fun! Some of the delegates were very serious and made some wonderful contributions to developing the constitution of our new nation!

Great work Stage 3 (and Stage 2 in Jade :-))

What did YOU think of our convention? What the best parts for you? Leave a comment below!

Lights, Lenses, Colours and Mirrors!


The CSIRO visited our school for the first time this year, and we all had a great time investigating Light – Lenses, Mirrors and Colour!

We got to use torches, magnifying sheets, lenses, kalaidascopes, pin-hole cameras and all sorts of interesting things. Have a look at the work stations we visited:

The “Other” NAPLAN


Now that the NAPLAN tests are out of the way we came up with some ideas of things we would really love to learn about.

We organised them into headings and came up with “another” NAPLAN that we think is great 🙂


We like to know what’s happening in the world.



 We would like to have lots of opportunities to find out about the Arts. 



We learn lots of things by playing.




These are interests & hobbies & things we just love to learn about.



Old, old, old



The world around us



How things work, what happens and why?????


What do you think?

What would you really like to learn about, or learn to do?

X Country Race



On a beautiful Friday afternoon, the annual cross country running carnival got underway today.

We spent the afternoon in wonderful sunshine, enjoying the effort and stamina of students across Stages 2 and 3 as they ran many, many laps of the oval and grassy playground.

There were many successes – students competing for the first (or last) time, students finishing their race, students completing more laps than they had finished before, and some students qualifying for the next, inter-school competition.

Congratulations to everyone who “had a go”.


Glitter Words
[Glitterfy.com – *Glitter Words*]


WOW AllStars

What a first week back – it’s been really busy.

We have been revising for the NAPLAN tests next week and I am so impressed with your enthusiasm, patience, application and great attitude.

I am so proud of you all 😀

Everyone has worked as hard as they can,

Everyone is thinking well

and I love the way you are taking on the challenges of this time.

Just thought you all should know!


We Love Our Mums


This Sunday Australians celebrate Mother’s Day so this afternoon in Golden Time some of us decided to make our Mum a special card. There were lots of great ideas and every card we made was totally unique – just like our individual Mums 🙂

What a great afternoon!

Creative kids + creative ideas = special cards.

Give you Mum a hug this Sunday.

Ready for a Reading Challenge!


As it’s the start of a new term, we are all ramping up our efforts in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Many of us have attempted this challenge in previous years, but not everyone has acheived the target of reading 20 books yet. So we have decided to really “give it a go” this year. We have worked out some individual and class rewards as we hit small targets on our way to 20 books each.

Here are some photos of us in our morning DEAR (drop everything and read) session today. We look like we should be able to reach 20 books each no trouble don’t we? 🙂


Crazy Hat and Hair Parade


Our annual parade was held this afternoon, and once again everyone put effort and enthusiasm into decorating their hair or making a hat.

Hair was adorned with ribbons, streamers, baubles, coloured hair-spray, curls, plaits and braids.

The hats were even more spectacular with bunnies, eggs, boats, ribbons, towers, cardboard, sequins and sparkles.

What a fun way to spend a wet and dreary Friday afternoon 🙂


Strange …… but true …..


strange pea pod

First day back after the holidays and we were sharing what we had done over the last 2 weeks – “nothing very unusual in that”  – I hear you say ……..

but wait till you read some of the really unusual things the AllStars got up to!

I’ll call this our “Strange …. but true…….” file ……. 

Who woke up at 10.00am 5 days straight?

Who thought someone had thrown a stick at her only to find out it was a HUGE blob of ……. bird poo!?!?!?

Who spent 3 days in her pyjamas???

Who was at the zoo and had her hair nibbled by a giraffe??? (mmm ………  tasty 🙂 )

Who learnt how to eat chips with chopsticks?  (Clever)

Who opened all the kitchen cupboards with his feet?? (I’m glad that you know you can do this! – Must try it myself)

Who had dinner in a hotel and saw a cake in the shape of a pram??

Who else had dinner in the city and ate chicken …….. FEET !!!! ?????

Who was the couch potato who watched the World Cup on the couch, in her pjs, for 3 days???

Who ate rice every day for 3 days?

Who was it that went to the corner shop in their pyjamas????

Who drank water, then was whacked in the stomach and the water came out his nostrils?????

Who ate sushi every day??

And who kicked the door and broke their toe???

I promise I won’t tell who you are – but you are all very unusual  :-0

What a happy way to start the term – looking forward to many more happy days AllStars!

Image: ‘Strange Things Are Happening These Days!