Dingle Dangle Scarecrows


Kindergarten danced and sang to a favourite song  about a scarecrow. Did you know that scarecrows are used by farmers to keep the birds away from the fruit and crops growing on the farm?

We enjoyed acting out the song and then we made some scarecrows ourselves!

Stage 2 are Entymologists


Stage 2 have also been learning in the Veggie Patch this term. They have been conducting science experiments using plants, learning about pollination and classifying bugs.

Each week a new group of students works in the Library to investigate how entymologists group bugs. We found out

  • that living things are grouped into species, and that each species have characteristics special to just their own group.
  •  that a lot of bugs are arthropods which means they have legs with lots of joints.
  • Insects have 6 legs, three body parts and usually have wings.

We had fun collecting bugs from the veggie patch and observing them to see if we could work out if they were an insect or not. We tried to draw scientific drawings of our creatures. Here are some for you to enjoy ….

Stage 1 Veggie Patch


Stage 1 students have been finding out what it is like to work in  retail this term. As part of their work on the “Veggie Patch” they have had turns at being a cook, an entymologist and a shop-keeper.

In the Library we have talked about where the vegetables go after they have been harvested … to the vegetable market …. ready for people to buy. We watched a video that Ms Hackney took at the Sydney Markets, and another video Mrs Pericles took at a fruit shop.

We talked about the special equipment the shop-keepers need, how they set up their stalls, prices of vegetables, counting money, writing signs and we even made some vegetables out of paper to sell!

Here we are playing shops in the Library….