Recorder Sketchings


We have had a couple of “Jellybeans” music lessons so far this term and are really excited to be learning to play the recorder.

DSC07421 DSC07422  DSC07428

Recently we used charcoal pencils to sketch some aspects of our recorders. We tried to experiment by pressing softly and more firmly, using the side of the pencil and the tip of the pencil as well.

Here are our finished sketches …..

wii”ve Got The Music – Recorder Sketchings on PhotoPeach

Skeleton Art


We’ve been studying

  •  the human body
  •  keeping fit and active
  •  healthy lifestyles


so we thought it would be fun to make some skeleton artworks.


What you need:

Water colour paints

A4 white paper

Black art paper (or paint your own like we did!)



What to do:

  1. Using the watercolours, paint stripes over the whole A4  paper
  2. Paint the bigger paper black
  3. Wait for the papers to dry
  4. Photocopy some body parts
  5. Carefully trace the body part you want onto the stripy paper
  6. Cut out and glue onto the black paper
  7. Hang or display in your room!