Going Dotty!


S1 Jacaranda class made their mark today by designing beautiful coloured dots to celebrate International Dot Day.
International Dot Day is a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration” and students get involved by designing wonderful dots and sharing these online.

We watched a film clip of the story “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds, and then had the chance to use lots of coloured papers to make our mark and our dots!

Here are our dots for you to enjoy 🙂

IMG_1076 IMG_1077 IMG_1078

Beautiful Book Week Artworks


What a talented group of people we have here at school. Each class chose a shortlisted book and worked collaboratively in their classes to design and make an artwork around their book.

You can see the fabulous results below:

Book Week Art 3! S23 Artworks

Now we will put our Artworks on the walls of the Library for everyone who visits to view and admire 🙂


Thank you to everyone involved!

Tashi Fans Watch This!


We have lots of Tashi fans here at BSPS – many of whom are enjoying our new Tashi books 🙂

You can find the Tashi books in the “Fast Fiction” baskets in the middle of the Library.

We now have ALL of the Tashi books – so if you have been waiting to read more about Tashi and his adventures, come in to the Library and have a browse.

Here is a YouTube video I found of Kim Gamble  (the illustrator of the Tashi books) demonstrating how he draws a  scene from the Tashi book – “Tashi and the Golem”.


I love all of the fantastic hints and tips he gives us on how to draw.

You will enjoy this, please watch and leave a comment on what you think 🙂


Would you like to play some games with Tashi? Click on the Tashi image below to head over to the Tashi website!







Stage 2 have been working on a design of their hand and arm which will be part of a display of one of our school rules.

The arms and hands show how we can Reach for the Stars by being a positive and committed learner.

Each student traced their hand and added geometric patterns and designs to decorate their work and then students had to think of a goal they would like to work towards – some people chose academic goals while others chose social and character goals.

Here are students working on their designs and we will post an photo when the display is up 😉


Fantasy Worlds


All of the classes in our school this year have been named after Fantasy Worlds, and Term 4 saw everyone investigating and exploring various fantasy worlds they had read about, played in or imagined themselves.

Some classes made games, some made dioramas, posters, books, and puppet shows. Other classes made fun aspects from their worlds – such as papier mache models and paper craft designs.

All in all a very creative term and learning experiences.

Just lately a number of classes have spent some time imagining a fantasy world that could be designed using paper.

Paper doors, gates vegetation or props opened to reveal a huge variety of worlds – some based on stories or games or movies, and some purely from imagination.

Take a look at some of the work as we made it.

International Dot Day


We all went dotty in the Library – for International Dot Day.

First we read the book “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds and we talked about making our mark and being the best we can be.

Then we made some wonderful dots of our own =)

Gaudi: I see, I think, I wonder…..


This year all of the classes in our school are being named after artists.

Our class is named after the brilliant architect/artist Antoni Gaudi.

We spent this morning looking at some of Gaudi’s amazing buildings, fantastic mosaics and creative motifs or plants and animals.

Next we all took smaller photographs and postcards and worked on the “See, Think, Wonder” routine in our groups. There was lots of interesting discussions and points of view about Gaudi’s work.

DSC09496  DSC09494  DSC09495

Lastly we came together as a whole group and thought about all of Gaudi’s work, and how he saw the world. We came up with some new vocabulary and ideas when we listened and responded to the thoughts of the other kids in the group.

African Art


As part of our investigations on biodiversity, we have been looking at Africa as an area of interest. We found these artworks by the Senufo people of Korhogo from the Ivory Coast in West Africa.

The cotton material used in traditional artworks is dyed using many different colours from trees, leaves and teas. Bold designs are painted on the material and include geometric patterns, animals and flowers.

Each of the animals or flowers motifs has a different meaning and the artworks usually tell a story of village life.

We have attempted to represent a variety of animals in our artworks, can you identify the animals we have drawn?

Land of the Giants


Why are all of the AllStars drawing on huge sheets of paper?

We are exploring plants on a GIGANTIC scale!

We are currently listening to the stories “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Jules Verne and “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. Both books have huge plants in them so we thought that we could invent some huge plants of our own to decorate the classroom walls.

Here is what we got up to: