Three Cups of Tea


We’ve been reading a book called “Three Cups of Tea” which is a true story about a mountain climber, Greg Mortenson, who works hard to build schools for remote villages in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

We are enjoying hearing about Greg’s trials and adventures as he learns


acceptance and


for the

values, views and beliefs

of the people he is working hard to help.


The story teaches us that by listening to , talking with and sharing our lives with others we will enhance and expand our own lives and experiences.

We haven’t fifnished the book yet – we will let you know how Greg gets on!



Secret Bloggers!


We have been working on two blogs this term – our usual and friendly AllStars site and a secret blog being developed by our Department of Education and Training here in NSW, Australia.

This second blog has been a trial blog and we have been posting the work we have been doing in class about “Big Beliefs”. We would love to hear what you think of our work on the other blog, so if you have time click on over to have a look! Please leave a comment for us to share  🙂

USB – Unidentified Secret Bloggers – Click here to be transported to our other blog!



Our Big Beliefs Project


Over the past few weeks we have been working on our own “Big Beliefs Project”. We have been finding out about the different beliefs and religions people in our class and our community have.

We have found out many interesting things about religions, and the different ways that diffent people worship in their religion.

To try and keep track of the information we are finding, we have constructed  tables to put our info in. Each group had to come up with their own table/grid and the topics/ headings that they would be finding out about.

In this slide show you can see us working together to come up with our tables/grids. We are having lots of fun sharing our ideas, listening to each other and encouraging everyone’s ideas and thoughts.


You can see what else we’ve been up to on our DET trial blog right here!