Clever Carronshore :)


 A big “Thank you” to Carronshore P5LW students who came up with a few new ideas for us to try in PE.

After working hard for the last 14 weeks, we are coming to the end of the Premier’s Sporting Challenge and we needed some different activities to keep us going during PE sessions.

Over the last couple of sessions we have tried out our badminton skills and skipping skills.

Badminton is trickier than we thought it would be – the shuttlecock is very light and is caught by the wind to make things difficult J

We are trying to skip “double dutch” using two ropes. Some of us can do this but others are taking a little longer to get the hang of this skipping business!

Premier’s Sporting Challenge!


The AllStars are on track for Diamond level in the supreme sporting challenge that is the Premier’s Sporting Challenge.


All schools are encouraged to participate in daily activities and exercise. Everyone’s individual minutes of sporting activity are added together and then averaged to give a class total.


Bronze Level = 30 minutes a day

Silver Level = 45 minutes a day

Gold Level = 60 minutes a day




With extraordinary perseverance and application, the AllStars are aiming at the most prestigious level – Diamond Level, which is an average of 80 minutes a day.


To hone our skills and improve our fitness we have embarked on a rigorous but interesting regime of games and sports to keep our interest and enthusiasm high.


This has included relays, endurance running, sports (T-ball, basketball, soccer and cricket), games (dodge ball, Gaol and French cricket), skipping, hula-hooping, hitting, batting, dancing, netball, touch footy, goal shooting, serving, and kickball!








Other sporty AllStars also increase their activity levels at home after school – some activities include:

soccer, walking, karate, walking the dog, judo, bike riding, tennis, swimming, jogging, rugby, hiking and walking to and from school.


We are coming to the end of the PSC and think that we will need a rest at the end!


Can you think of any other sports or skills we might try in the last few weeks of the challenge?


How much physical activity do you do?