Game For Some New Skills!


“WheeeewwwwT!!!” the whistles blew and each group started their game.

It was a beautiful, sunny Friday morning and all of Stage 3 were in the mood for some fun and games, and what better way to spend the morning than with the student teachers from ACPE learning new skills and playing a variety of games in the sunshine?

We were in small groups of  8 or 9 students so everyone had a great chance to try out their skills, practice them and play some new games all at the same time. Lots of laughs and smiles all round……

We can’t wait for the ACPE students to come back again this week; wonder what we will get up to then?











Exploring the wiiMusic


Over the past week we have been playing the wiiMusic in small groups so that we can practise the activities and get better at the games.

We have been playing lots of different instruments and hearing and accompanying many different tunes. Its quite hard at times to play tunes that you haven’t heard before. We have found that you get better – and it becomes easier – the more you practice and the more familiar you are with both the instrument and the tune.

We have found out about “pitch” by playing the “Pitch Perfect” game – you have to listen carefully to match the notes that are the same, or put the notes in ascending order by listening to them. Sometimes this is hard, and the timer is counting down so you have to hurry!

wiiMusic – Perfect Pitch from KimPericles on Vimeo.

wii’ve Got the Music


DSC07395   DSC07406

We are studying music for the next few weeks, and we will be using the wii to help us explore and experience a huge range of instruments.

We used our Golden Time today for the intial taste of what the wii can do – everyone had a quick turn at playing an instrument and we all had a bit of a laugh as well.

Stay tuned for more posts on what else we are doing with the wii Music.

DSC07396     DSC07405