X Country Race



On a beautiful Friday afternoon, the annual cross country running carnival got underway today.

We spent the afternoon in wonderful sunshine, enjoying the effort and stamina of students across Stages 2 and 3 as they ran many, many laps of the oval and grassy playground.

There were many successes – students competing for the first (or last) time, students finishing their race, students completing more laps than they had finished before, and some students qualifying for the next, inter-school competition.

Congratulations to everyone who “had a go”.

13 thoughts on “X Country Race

  1. I wish their was the teacher’s race again!:lol: I would be cheering for u and or the other teachers too.I wonder how many laps do teachers have 2 do!

  2. HI Guys and Cindy

    I wish the teachers had toe race! It would be fun and exciting and our school would be happy lol 🙂
    The kids would probably tell the teachers how many laps “you made us do 6 laps and we will make you do from 7 to 10 laps. You will pick from 7 to 10 you will pick one of these numbers from 7,8,9,and 10′
    bye hassan:)

  3. Abudie – I’m glad you had fun at the cross country but…… I know it would take me a looooooong time to WALK 10 laps. You wouldn’t really make me RUN would you? MrsP

  4. Altin – the teachers were very busy organising the kids and helping them stay on track, remember how many laps they had done and encourage the kids so they didn’t gve up! Teachers were too BUSY to run 😛

  5. Hassan – I wonder how many teachers would choose to run 10 laps? I would have to choose 7 laps because I don’t like running at all :-[

  6. Anyone can run,it’s good exercise. 🙂 I hated the X country race but I had a go and came 3rd! 😆 Btw exercise is a great way to help your blood pressure stay low which is healthy. 🙄 😛

  7. Hello miss P

    how are you? hope your having a splendid time with the new class. High school is very different
    from primary school.

    From MARZ!!

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