Super Samorost


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Would you like to save a planet?

Well now you can!

A dear little seashell planet needs your help – a larger, bird shaped planet is hurtling towards it …….

Help Sammi – a cute little gnome in white pyjamas – and the main character in the game “Samorost”, to save his planet from impending doom by thinking and working your way through a series of mysterious environments.

Read our thoughts and experiences on our individual blogs.

We have been writing sentences, paragraphs and thoughts about the game. We would love to hear what you think ! Have fun and leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Super Samorost

  1. Andrew

    I would like to save the planet but i read on some people’s blog and i dont understand what samorost is…. alright time for introducing
    my names Andrew,
    I went to Belmore South last year some of you may remember me some don’t

  2. Hi Allstars we played the game and completed it saving Sami’s planet.
    It was challenging as we didn’t know what to do. It was full of suprises, like when the anteater sucked up Sami.
    We will read your blogs as soon as we can (we are getting new computers tomorrow so it might be a few days before we comment).

    Mr Johnston says: I played this game a while back and did not get passed the man with the pipe. All of primary six worked together to solve the puzzles today.

    Great game thanks for sharing:-)

  3. Hello Sandaig!
    We all love this game and are glad that you enjoyed it too!
    It was cool when Sammi got sucked up by the ant eater – we thought that he had gone for good evryone screamed cos they got such a shock :O

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