3 thoughts on “Listen to the Children ….

  1. Hi Mrs P & AllStars,
    Poor Jinny. 😥
    It makes me sad to think that TONNES of kids around the world aren’t as lucky as we are. It is even worse that her 6 brothers & sisters don’t have an education. 😥
    It’s REALLY sad that a 10 year old girl would have to suffer from poverty. 😥
    I hope she becomes a teacher in her future years.
    Naomi 😛

  2. I feel really sorry for Jinny…

    It makes me think that if i was living in a poverty world i would be dead.

    I think Australia needs to focus on more of the poverty business because a lot of the young ones are dieing without no food and no water.

    i also think that in the future she would reveal her dreams of becoming a teacher.


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