Stage 2 and 3 Jade will be making book trailers this term.

To help us think about what we are wanting to produce I found this Prezi about Storyboarding.

Please watch it so that we can make the best Book Trailers ever!

Holy Bagumba!


Stage 2, here is a great little story that we will be reading together over the next few weeks.

It’s about a superhero squirrel called Ulysses and his friend Flora Belle Buckman.

The story has many references to comics and the language and features found in comics – click here to read comics online at

Marvel Comics for Kids site

DC Comics for Kids

Kidjutsu Comics for Kids

Make your own comics at Make Beliefs Comics

Here is the book trailer for Flora and Ulysses for you to enjoy 🙂


Leave a comment below if you love to read comics