Footy Card Fever!


Footy cards are very popular with lots of students at the moment. They are found in packets of chips and have pictures of Rugby League players and teams on them.


People like to play a game with the cards so here is some information about them:


Footy cards are very popular at our school and the main idea is to win as many footy cards as possible to build up your collection. 

  1. To play footy cards you first have to do “Paper, Rock, Scissors” and the winner of this must slam the cards.
  2. A player card is worth one point, the team trio card is worth two points, and the gold team trio cards (that are holographic) are worth six or twelve points depending on how rare they are.
  3. To get cards you must win them or get them from chip packets.
  4. How to slam footy cards: Firstly you slam it down on the floor – if you hit it on heads and it lands on tales you win; but if it lands on heads it will be the next player’s turn.
  5. If you win a round then you keep the cards.

We like to play footy cards and we also like to collect as many cards as we can and to be the best player in the school.

Footy Cards from KimPericles on Vimeo.


By William, Marwan, Toa and Hassan.

6 thoughts on “Footy Card Fever!

  1. Hi guys! great work on the footy cards that was a pretty good video. I learnt alot about the footy cards this year from it. (:

    I hope next years footy cards aren’t so complicated. (:

    Seeya!!! (:

  2. What a clear explanation and demonstration! It’s never made much sense to me when I watch people play with the cards, but now I will understand what everyone is doing!

    I hope the rules won’t change now that I’ve learned them…

  3. Hello Clever Cookies – The video really helped me to understand (sort of) the rules and object of the game. Its always really hard to work out what’s going on when you only see huddles of kids in the playground! MrsP

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