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Our task for homework this week was to create a travel poster advertising an ecosystem that we had investigated at school. Here is Deon’s wonderful effort:


Is it a hot summer day today? Are you sick of the endless summer sun’s scorching heat?

Then what are you doing sitting here – get up and go to the tundra!

Have the holiday of a lifetime and ask the “Tundra Travel Team” to give you a chilled, relaxing and memorable journey to the tundra.

If you love the sight of the sun, come in the summer and experience 24 hour sunlight.

If you want to bring out the dark-side in you – come in winter and experience 24 hour … DARKNESS!!!

Walk in the soggy frozen permafrost while viewing spectacular and breathtaking species of animals and plants like the miniature willow tree, the musk oxen, the arctic fox, the caribou and many more.

So it’s your choice: you really can come on a memorable trip to the tundra!

Or …..

You can sit here reading this pamphlet.

Savage River
Attribution: Image: ‘Savage River


2 thoughts on “Tundra Travel Team

  1. Hi Deon,

    Nice job on your pamphlet. I like the way you used humor in the phamphlet it really made it sound fun and cool.

    I also like the title The Tundra Travel team it’s cachy. 🙂

    Bye Bye!

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